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Our Rates

We provide competitive rates that keep services affordable for our clients, while still being able to compensate our employees for their outstanding work. After you experience the superior services we provide we are confident you will agree that our rates are a great value.

Our Guarantee

It is our mission to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations each time we clean. However, if you are not completely satisfied, contact us and we will touch up whatever we overlooked.

Optimum Duct Cleaning Services

At Optimum Cleaning we want to provide you with not only a clean environment to live and work, but a healthy one too. One way we achieve this is by cleaning out the heating system of your home or business. These two systems can harbor dust, pet allergens, mold spores, and unwanted odor and debris. These foreign particles can put more stress on your heating and cooling system, result in poor indoor air quality, and more importantly, negative effects on your health. At Optimum Cleaning you can rest assured that our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide you thorough results. Through the use of pneumatic whips, incredible suction and forced air, we will leave your duct work, and heating systems free of debris.

The Process

We use a high powered duct cleaning systems that generates between 2500 – 4000 cfm’s, along with forced air and pneumatic whips to loosen and vacuum out the different trunk lines and systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to get my ducts cleaned?
We recommend getting your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years or after completing any indoor construction.

What do I need to do to prepare for having my ducts cleaning?
Please make sure all vents are accessible. If needed our technicians can help with moving larger furniture.

I’m not sure when the ducts were cleaned last. How do I determine when it’s time to get them cleaned?
To be safe, we suggest cleaning your ducts whenever you move into a new home or building. If you are experiencing a lot of dust, find a lot of debris upon inspection or experience unknown breathing or allergy symptoms, it may be time to get them cleaned.

What information do I need to obtain and estimate?
Call us with the number of registers/vents, cold air returns and furnace/air conditioner/exchanger or other item counts and we can give you an estimate over the phone.

What should I expect after our duct work is cleaned?
After your duct work is free of debris, you can be sure that it will allow for more uninterrupted air flow which will allow your system or appliance to work at it’s optimum efficiency. You can also expect less dust and better indoor air quality. The duct work of your home or business is the lungs of your home and like us, it too will be healthier. Please keep in mind that a place occupied by people and pets will continue to accumulate new dust and particles indoors. That being said, we recommend cleaning your duct work every 3-5 years to maintain ducts free of unwanted debris and particles.